today…i got home from swimming and ate, then took a shower and a nap…and i just woke up. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, ERIC!!!!!!!!!! damn, i miss sleeping in.

we havent gotten my bass yet, but we will tonight…

i havent decided whether im going to practice tonight…..ill let you knoww.

this morning (it was SO weird) i went to practice at like 5am and i was suupeeer tired, but i was just thinking about random stuff, and i found myself repeating my friend’s phone number over and over in my head. i havent seen her since september and i was thinking about calling or emailing her….see shes so hard to reach…but then she never calls back/emails back. i dont know if im annoying her, or if she CANT. so i think im going to call her today….

so yeah, thats pretty much my life since i last posted something.


~ by spasticsatan on June 17, 2008.

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