found these funny

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this is a clothing label from a small American company that sells their clothes in France.

i was googling random stuff, and i found these. they looked pretty funny.

funny links:




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today…i got home from swimming and ate, then took a shower and a nap…and i just woke up. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, ERIC!!!!!!!!!! damn, i miss sleeping in.

we havent gotten my bass yet, but we will tonight…

i havent decided whether im going to practice tonight…..ill let you knoww.

this morning (it was SO weird) i went to practice at like 5am and i was suupeeer tired, but i was just thinking about random stuff, and i found myself repeating my friend’s phone number over and over in my head. i havent seen her since september and i was thinking about calling or emailing her….see shes so hard to reach…but then she never calls back/emails back. i dont know if im annoying her, or if she CANT. so i think im going to call her today….

so yeah, thats pretty much my life since i last posted something.

Hey guys!!!

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Thanks for reading about my pathetically boring existence this summer, which consists mostly of swim practice, sleeping, web surfing, eating, teaching myself the bass guitar, reading, and complaining about how bored i am. Right now i am just a tiny bit tired, but i dont feel like sleeping even though i have to get up in 6 hours (5am) to go swimming. oh god i am soooo not a morning person. school just got out, the last day of which i was forced to say goodbye to all my awesome friends, soon to face the terrifying world of freshmeat: high school freshman year. No, im excited about high school. i just didnt want to say goodbye to my awesome friends. i hate losing touch with awesome people. it makes me feel so unwanted (a great thing for my depression) so now that schools out im wishing it was back in because i dont have anything to do. tomorrow im going to music and arts to rent my bass (yay!!!!!!!!) i shall teach myself tomorrow.

Speaking of which, tomorrow is my friend’s birthday. (happy birthday, spazzz 1!!!!!!!!!) ill write him an email in 56 minutes. so right after graduation, on the 11th, i came home and dyed my hair purple. it looked great, right then. my plan was to do streaks, and i used vaseline for the parts i wanted to stay blonde. when i took a shower i apparently didnt do a great job washing my hair, because my hair was greasy for a couple of days. on top of that, you could barely see the colour. it was more like a dull, purplish gray that people had to squint at before they finally realized i dyed my hair. needless to say, that was a complete failure.

today i got so bored that i think i fell asleep without even realizing it. i cant really remember, but i sat down and surfed the web for a bit, then got up and realized it was two hours after i had expected. i hate being so bored. i should definitely do all year round schooling. its muchh better. i dont sign up for camps because its soo pointless; you do the same as schoolwork except you dont get any credit. how incredibly stupid!!! plus, the only two good things about school are that you have a lot of friends there, and that it isnt as boring as staying home. at camps, there are no friends, and its pretty much as boring as staying home. plus, it costs money (not that i really care, but still…..)

right, well, i suppose thats pretty much it for now. im a litle more tired but i wanna stay up. i dont know what i’ll do, but itll probably acount for a longer nap when i get home from swimming, and thatll take up some time. biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii. XD